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Collecting Policy

Purpose of collecting:

  • To rescue material evidence of women’s lives and experience in Wales.
  • To place this in existing repositories where it will be documented and preserved to professional standards, and made accessible to the public.
  • Thereby to increase the historical sources for the study of women’s lives and experience in Wales, and their contribution to the history of Wales and the wider world.
  • To facilitate the study and understanding of the history of women in Wales, through:
    • Formal education and life-long learning;
    • Community engagement activities;
    • Publications, including on-line publications.


Items given to AMC/WAW will be placed in a repository appropriate to the origin of the material.

  • Papers, photographs and other archival material: by deposit to the relevant county record office, to be held in the AMC/WAW collection. In the case of items of national significance: by donation to the National Library of Wales.
  • We do not usually accept three-dimensional artefacts, textiles etc. If you have such items, please contact our Collections Adviser Rhian Diggins (glamro@cardiff.gov.uk) for advice.
  • Published books, including self-published biographies and autobiographies of women’s lives, will be held in the South Wales Miners’ Library, Swansea University, on behalf of AMC/WAW.
  • AMC/WAW is to be acknowledged as the donor in listings and displays of items donated to museums and the National Library of Wales.
  • Copies of photographs and documents, biographical/autobiographical accounts of women’s lives, etc., digitised material, videos and other recordings, which are not directly related to material placed in the repositories listed above, will be held in safe storage.
  • AMC/WAW reserves the right to include all the above items on its website, subject to copyright and data protection legislation.


April 2016