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Video and Sound Workshops

Video and Sound Workshops



Women’s Archive of Wales -  Video and sound workshop


As a part of our HLF Cymru backed project Canrif Gobaith / Century of Hope, we are offering a FREE one day video and sound training workshops to our members and other volunteers who wish to participate in the project. The workshops will be arranged in both Cardiff and Bangor and the tutors will be Catrin Edwards and Tash Horton, the two Canrif Gobaith / Century of Hope project documentary makers.


After attending the training workshop, volunteers will have the opportunity of going out on the documentary shoot with Catrin and Tash and seeing the filming process through from interview to screen!


The South Wales workshop will be held in Glamorgan Archives on February 26th between 10am & 4pm. The North Wales workshop is in Bangor on 14th March.


If you would like to attend the Cardiff session or are interested in attending the workshop in Bangor, could you please drop a line on email to catrin.bydysawd@btinternet.com by Wednesday, February 21st.