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Women’s Archive Wales Research Projects

We have been fortunate to receive Heritage Lottery Fund grant-aid for a number of research projects. These are designed to further our aims, in particular to involve women and men in uncovering the past lives of women in Wales and to rescue papers and memories which might otherwise be lost to posterity.

  • Setting the Record Straight - Gwir Gyfnod o Gofnod.  This project, currently in progress, will capture the voices and stories of the sixty-two female AMs who sat in the Welsh Assembly during its first twenty years.  Read  a blog post about the project by Rob Phillips of Welsh Political Archive. You can also view some clips of the interviews HERE.
  • Century of Hope: celebrating a century of women’s heritage in Wales 1918-2018. To read more about this project and watch some clips of the project events and the complete film of the project and the celebration of 20 years of WAW, click HERE.   A film, in Welsh but accessible to all and shown as part of the 2020 Eisteddfod Amgen, recording the Century of Hope project events can be viewed HERE.   Click HERE to download and read the project report. 
  • Wales Women’s History Roadshow Project (2008-09)

    Funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, 17 Roadshows took place across Wales between January 2008 and June 2009. People were invited to bring items along which tell us about the lives of women in Wales which could be photographed or scanned and the historical value of family or organisational records discussed. Roadshows also included talks and exhibitions, advice on conservation, and on safeguarding material for posterity.
    Images from the Roadshow Project can be seen on the People’s Collection Wales website.
    Click to download and read the report here.

  • Voices from the Factory Floor (2013-15)
    The experiences of women workers in manufacturing industries in Wales, 1945-75. Click the title link to go to the project website.  View the project report
  • Women in World War I: the Welsh Experience (2015-16). Click the title link to go to the project website.

‘People are always asking me what my father did in the war, but no one has ever asked me about my mother’