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Catrin Edwards

Committee Member

Catrin Edwards

Theatre practitioner, musician, TV producer and director.  One of the founder members of Theatr Bara Caws in 1977, composing songs for the company’s history based community shows such as Bargen and Hwyliau’n Codi.  I’ve worked in TV since the early 80s initially on drama and later researching, producing and directing factual programmes for S4C, BBC, Channel 4, ITV and The History Channel.

After a period of working on arts and music programmes in the 90s, I was given the opportunity to produce and direct history programmes including the first series of the women’s history strand Mamwlad. I’d been aware of the Women’s Archive of Wales and its work for a while and was privileged to be employed later as an officer for the Archive on the cutting edgeVoices From the Factory Floor oral history project. I was delighted to join the Archive’s committee in 2016.

My chosen image

My dear Anti Dorothy died in May of this year. Dorothy is a familial name but I imagine she was the last Dorothy in our family. She was my mother’s cousin and the last survivor of that generation. Dorothy was also the story teller and the keeper of the family’s history. She’s very sorely missed.

Thinking of ‘our’ Dorothy, brings another Dorothy to mind – Catherine (another family name!) Dorothy or Dolis, Anti Dorothy and my mother’s aunt. However, neither of them knew Dolis because she died a young woman nearly a century ago. While visiting Anti Dorothy one day, she showed us this picture of Dolis in her teens and of course she told us her whole story.

My mother’s family lived in Cwm Crai near Sennybridge and they all worked the land in that valley. At the end of the Great War, many members of the family were struck by the devastating 1918 flue pandemic. Dolis nursed them all back to health. Then as the illness drew to its natural end, she was struck down by this vile virus and she died.

I’ve chosen the picture of Catherine Dorothy which has been placed on’ www.womenandwar.wales website from the Archif Menywod Cymru / Women’s Archive of Wales collection; a personal and very important picture – especially now that I’ve lost Anti Dorothy as well.