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The Committee

Gail Allen

Honorary Vice President

Gail Allen


In 1968 I moved to Wales, having been brought up in London. In the 1980s I was a member of Swansea Women's History Group with Ursula Masson and Jen Wilson. Our research included women working in Bridgend munitions factory during the war; women in the miners' strike in 1984/5; and women conscientious objectors. Three short videos resulted from our exploration of these topics.

I worked in local refuges and in Welsh Women’s Aid until I retired. A few years earlier Ursula had encouraged me to get actively involved with WAW, and very soon I found myself in the post of Treasurer.  I’m also the Treasurer of Jazz Heritage Wales (formerly Women in Jazz).  I’m a very keen walker, and all these strands came together when I co-ordinated the small group who created the Swansea Women’s History Walk in 2014.