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Digital Summarizing Course via Zoom

Event Date:27th January

Digital Summarizing Course  via Zoom

Setting the Record Straight: capturing the records and voices of women in Welsh politics

This exciting project, sponsored by the National Heritage Lottery Fund Wales and the Senedd, to celebrate 20 years of Devolution, is progressing well in spite of Covid-19. A very important aspect of the project is the oral history interviews conducted with former Assembly Members and current Members of the Senedd – they are a crucially important strand in the political history of Wales since Devolution.  The interviews are fascinating and they shed a light upon the role of women in the National Assembly / Senedd’s history. They will form an archive of great significance for historians, researchers and the general public in the future.

we need your help to prepare digital summaries of these interviews.

We will be holding a training session for volunteers on how to do digital summaries on 27th January 2021. All members and volunteers are welcome and you don’t need any previous knowledge or experience.  This will be conducted in English but Welsh will be incorpoated in the presentation. It is a unique opportunity to learn a new skill or to refine an existing ones.  

It is offered FREE to WAW members and volunteers.  Places are limited to ten people so early booking is advised.

If you wish to participate please email us to register on info@womensarchivewales.org and you will be sent a Zoom invitation.

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