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Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight

The final event of this project took place, so aptly, on November 9th in the Senedd itself. Due to the pandemic we were restricted to 30 attendees and the event was sponsored by Elin Jones, Llywydd.

Chris Chapman chaired the ceremony; Ann Jones spoke about her experiences as AM/MS and Rob Phillips of the Welsh Political Archive explained the significance of the project for our national and county archives. The Youth Parliament was represented by Eleri Griffiths, and we were especially pleased to have Bethan Williams present to represent National Lottery Heritage Wales. She emphasised how the heritage projects they are able to sponsor are so dependent upon the millions of lottery players.

The highlight of this ceremony without doubt was the wonderful promotional film made by Catrin Edwards and Tash Horton. In it the essence of the project was encapsulated while also celebrating the first twenty years of the evolving Senedd and of Devolution. Laura Ann Jones MS brought the morning to a close. This ceremony was also delivered virtually so that as many of our members as possible and members of the public could join in and appreciate how successful the project had been.

A huge thanks to the project team for its support and congratulations on completing this project so successfully.