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The Committee

Jenny Sabine

Honorary Vice-president

Jenny Sabine

I started my career in libraries, did clerical work while my children were young, then made a career change to museums and worked for 16 years in the Swansea Museum Service. A late developer educationally, I did an Open University degree in my 30s and a MA in Museum Studies in my 50s. I’ve spent most of my life in Swansea but also lived in Ontario, Canada, and Wyoming, USA.

I am a founder member of AMC/WAW, first as collections officer, then secretary, Newsletter editor and then Chair. It was in Laramie, Wyoming, that I first discovered my passion for women’s history. My particular interests are in 19th century women in work, especially in Swansea, women travellers including those on the Overland Trail in America, and women gardeners.