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The Story Behind The Images


Catrin Stevens talking to a visitor at the Wales Women’s History Roadshow, Blaenavon.

Catrin Stevens talking to a visitor to one of the Wales Women’s History Roadshows

about material he had brought along which was of relevance to women’s history in Wales.

Members of the WRVS preparing food in the 1950s. This was one of a number of photographs, plus a WRVS uniform coat brought to Aberystwyth Roadshow, 11th October 2008, by a member of AMC/WAW.

A visitor to Aberystwyth Roadshow brought along this photograph of her aunt, Margaret Thomas on her motorbike near Penygroes taken in the 1920s. She rode the bike from her home in Penygroes to get to her job as headteacher of a primary school, and her sister (the mother of the Roadshow visitor) also rode a motorbike from her lodgings in Machynlleth to her job as headmistress in a school around five miles away.

The Will of Jane Davies, a widow of Waen Isa, Parish of Hope, Flint which was signed (with a cross) on 13th November 1793. Among the bequests are her ‘best feather bed… and bedstead to my dear Grandchild Elizabeth Price as a token of my regard.’ It was brought to Mold Roadshow by an ancestor of Jane Davies, and is now deposited in Flint Record Office.

This is Marjorie Edmunds of Llanelli who brought along photographs and medals to Llanelli Roadshow . She was one of the first WAAFs to be trained as an aircraft engineer, and referring to this photograph, she described her time ‘running up the engines’ ready for the Australian pilots!

Retiring Chair Jenny Sabine (left) and new Chair Catrin Stevens (right) at the 2017 Conference in Aberystwyth.

Gertrude Rosewarne

Gertrude Rosewarne was a Red Cross nurse during WW1. Her family came to the Wales Women’s History Roadshow in Llanelli on 29th February 2008, bringing a collection of material relating to her life during this period – photographs, letters of thanks from the Belgian soldiers she had nursed, her uniform and even her scissors. These were deposited in Glamorgan Archives, Cardiff.

The photograph is one of several brought by a visitor to Mold Roadshow and shows a group of students (including the woman who brought it along) in Welsh costume. It was taken in 1954 at Barry College in 1954 in Welsh costume.  The caption translates as ‘Remember to learn to live’.

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